Razorback Mac & Cheese!

Yesterday we stayed home at watched the Hogs play Alabama (in Tuscaloosa). Other than the outcome of the game, we enjoyed a lazy Saturday at home on the couch. It.was.nice!!! We enjoyed some wings & some special mac & cheese. RAZORBACK mac & cheese. 
I came across Razorback-shaped pasta at one of my favorite shops in Benton-Smith-Caldwell Drugstore (and yes I left the price sticker on and it cost ~$7...well worth it!). This store has the most awesome selection of gifts, from bridal registry-type items, to kitchen, to baby, to clothes. I seriously spent over an hour looking around the first time I visited!

 it's dyed to match the school colors

 and they are tiny, but in the shape of Razorbacks!

 Razorback pasta-cooked

This pasta came packaged with a packet of seasonings to mix with oil & vinegar, but I decided Velveeta mac & cheese with Rotel sounded much better at the time. Also listed were several other pasta recipes to take to the tailgate. I will be buying this again and hope to make it to the tailgate with it this year!

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