Crock Pot Mediterranean Chicken

This was one of the first crock pot recipes I tried from Stephanie O'Dea's list of 365 crockpot recipes...and it was a hit! Derek, my Pa & my grandmother all loved it! Only thing is, I didn't get to try it! I trust their judgement, though, and will be making it again soon. It was so simple!

Mediterranean Chicken
(picture from www.crockpot365.blogspot.com)

  • 3-4 frozen chicken breast halves 
  • bag of frozen artichoke hearts (I used 2 cans artichoke quarters)
  • half jar of green olives (no juice)
  • large can of tomatoes (with juice)
1) put all ingredients into the crock pot
2) cook on low for 8 hours (or on high 4-6 hrs)

THAT'S IT!!! Simple, right? Even the men in your house could make this one!

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