Christmas time!

Hello blog world! We had a lovely Christmas and I got a much needed 4 days away from school/work. It was just the right amount of time for me to rest up and catch up with everyone. A certain two of my loved ones (mom & Derek) got a two week break because they are teachers. NO FAIR. The rest of the working world doesn't get 3 months off...how did they get away with that? I know, I know, they do workshops, etc in the summer. Anyway, we got to spend our first Christmas as a married couple with both of our families, just like we did when we dated, so that was nice!

For the first few days, we hung out and took little Ben to play at the park

 Our newphew, Ben. He loves to say the word "ped dull"

 don't get any ideas, people!

 yes, I'm still a child at heart

We also thoroughly enjoyed Ben's new-found love for music...specifically the drums. As Ben calls them, RUMS!

The day before Christmas Eve, Derek and I made a short trip to Fayetteville to see the lights of the Ozarks on the square, and to find my name that has recently been added to Senior Walk.

 'Erin Elizabeth King'

Love the lights! And got to see my good friend, Evan, too!

Then the Christmas Eve festivities at the Moore's began! Derek's dad's side of the family gets together each year and does a gift exchange and dirty Santa! Tons of fun and great food. I ate way too much!

 we found Ben trying to plug his dad's amp up to his new keyboard

 dirty santa time!

 D picked an amazing neck pillow/donut pillow...it is versatile

with my secret and dirty santa gifts

Christmas morning we left early and drove to Arkadelphia to open presents with my parents, brother, and Pa & Grandmother. My mom's parents are usually winter Texans (they live in south Texas September-April) and at home in Missouri the rest of the year, so they are rarely close enough to spend Christmas with. They sold their place last year, so they spent Christmas day with us. It was so great to be with them:)

 the kids
 grandmother's woozie....aka wine coozie

 her face when she opened the TomTom

 owl salt-n-pepper shakers :)

 new sport coat

 mom got more angels
 the shirts mom got grandmother and me: "fightin like hogs to find a cure"
grandmother has had skin and breast cancer, and mom endometrial cancer

mom has hundreds of angels in her collection...these are just some of them

 dad got a new grill

Pa & Grandmother

I took tons of pics, but hey, they are more entertaining than my narratives so I'll stick with pictures. We are so blessed to be close to our loved ones and be able to spend the holidays with them. God is good, indeed! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and has a Happy New Year! I really can't believe it is about to be 2011. That just blows my mind.

Lastly, I'd like to ask any readers to say a prayer for my Pa. He is 86 years old and one of the best men I will ever know. He was recently diagnosed with multiple myeolma and will be coming to UAMS for further care at the Myeloma Institute (THE best in the nation). I know he will receive great care there, and we will be close to him. I have faith in God's plan.

Stay tuned for a recipe post coming up soon! I've been busy in the kitchen this fall!

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