Oh, Christmas Tree

At the beginning of December, Derek and I went to get our first tree. I've grown up with a real tree so we decided we'd head to a tree farm and pick one out! My parents came along as well to pick out theirs. For almost my entire life, my family has gone out to Manchester, AR to the Hunter family Christmas tree farm to cut down our tree every year. It was tradition. When we'd arrive, we would get some hot cider or hot chocolate and wait on the tractor. Then we'd hop on this hay-covered wagone and the tractor would pull us out to the fields with the Christmas trees. Everyone would get off, take a saw and go find their perfect tree. My dad or Austin would always cut ours down, and then they'd lay it out in the aisle for the four wheeler to pick up and take back to the front. There they would shake the tree to get rid of all of the loose pine needles, and tie it up to take home. While all that was going on, my brother and I would join the other kids that were waiting on their trees as we'd play on these giant hay bales. Then, before we'd go, we'd have to visit the Christmas shop and buy some of granny's fudge. It was the best!

Since the Hunter Christmas tree farm is no longer open, we headed to Bismarck, AR to get our tree this year. Here are some pictures to take you through the process...and the finished tree!

 It was a b-e-a-utiful day!

 the first bunch of trees we looked at

 there were so many to choose from!

 my parents and their little tree:)

 Derek and I headed out to another field to get our tree!

 the winner

 Derek and my dad cutting down our tree

 then we carried it back....

 or Derek carried it back for us...hah!

 the tree getting a shake

 ready to be bundled for the ride home


 the bare tree once we got it home

 once we lit it up...ta da!

 again...I ran out of ornaments and never got any deco-mesh for the tree
oh well, maybe next year!

 top of the tree....no tree topper!

And that was our trip to the tree farm for our very first Christmas tree. It smells wonderful in the house! After I put up the tree as you see it here, I went to my parents' house and got some of my ornaments out from the attic. Here are some pics of my favorites. I love that I have collected different ornaments over the years. They are all special in a different way and have a story behind them. There are also some pics of the Christmas decor around the house (what little I did this year). Next year, I will not be in school and hopefully have more time to decorate!

Kitchen table centerpiece

 cranberries and limes...just like my favorite sonic drink:)
oh, and I still have out my Razorback platter..I guess I'll put it away after the bowl game!

 garland and berries above the kitchen cabinets

 front entrance...I love the berry wreath!

 Nativity Scene I got as a wedding gift!

stocking #1

stocking #2

this has been around since college :)

favorite ornament my friend Sarah got us this year!
It fits us so well:)

 baby girl

 hand made ornament...my parents received a whole set like this for their wedding

 This little baby has always been a favorite of mine

 1st Christmas

 ballet...my life for, well, most of my life

 dough ornament from the Roberts.."Erin 1994"

 pier1 owl from Rebecca

 high school grad ornament...before I knew I'd be obsessed with owls

another owl ornament

I could go on for days...but I won't! I have all of my presents wrapped except one, I'm done with finals for this semester, and after three days of work this week, we will be heading to Fort Smith and then to Arkadelphia to enjoy Christmas with our families. Hope everyone has a blessed holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. I have that little baby in the swing from when I was little too!! It's still on our tree!