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Hello bloggers,

Get a load of this heat! My GOODNESS. I don't remember a summer that has been THIS hot for THIS long of a period of time. Absolutely miserable. I'm blessed that I can stay inside most of the day, though.

Because I haven't blogged since April, I'm going to do a quick recap in pics of what's been going on since then. I haven't been much of a socialite this summer because I've been stuck at home working my tail off to finish school, but I've attended juuuust a few weddings and celebrations during the past few months where I got to meet up with some great friends and family!

Oh, and my PRECIOUS niece, Piper, was born on May 23, 2011. I'll do another post just for her! I'm a little obsessed with this little girl :) Ok so here's a look at what's been goin' on with the Moores.....

Wedding #1: Amanda & Bradley Heringer, Jonesboro, AR

Beautiful Bride...her dress was SO 'Amanda!'

We seriously never left the dance floor
This is me and Ty, who I used to babysit in Fayetteville..getting so big!

The bride & groom enjoyed themselves on the dancefloor, too!
So entertaining!!

Miss Brynn, who I also used to babysit
 LOVE and miss her big personality!!

Brynn and her brothers, Ty & Lane entertaining themselves with sparklers

My 24th Birthday

 This picture definitely makes me look half D's height....
and I have on some pretty tall wedges, too!

Dinner @ The House & shuffle board @ The Fountain with the Edwards'

Michelle's 30th birthday

 Michelle & Zach's amazing parents put on a huge birthday bash @ Road Hog Park in Fayetteville
We love any excuse to make a trip up to Fayetteville and see these good friends of ours!

 Birthday Girl!

 Me & D

 Had to take a pic of the delicious cupcakes from Confectionately Yours in Fort Smith...YUM!

Wedding #2: Gail & Brenton Glassell, Memphis, TN

 Myself and Megan, aka my roommate for life!

 Gail & Brenton during their first dance

 Folks, take note...it is very rare to see this guy on the dance floor!

 These huge glasses were floating around the dance floor all night. Such fun!

Our One-Year Anniversary!
This was actually the same weekend we were in Memphis for the above wedding, so when we got home, we had a small celebration. We didn't get pic of us because we'd been traveling and were pooped!!

PS: It is now common to re-order your cake-topper on your one-year anniversary instead of freezing it from the wedding. That way it is fresh. Well, this is what we did, and the topper was included in the original price when I paid for my wedding cake, only we couldn't get in contact with the lady who made my cake....so this is what we did, instead!

 My wedding cake was Red Velvet (my favorite), so we ordered Red Velvet Cupcakes from Cupcakes on Kavanaugh to replace our cake topper. They were delish!

 One of D's traditions...making me chocolate-covered strawberries

 Sip,Sip Hooray! (on the card)
We prepared a nice meal at home and enjoyed a bottle of red wine from our wedding

Derek's Best Friend's Wedding: Sheena & Clifton Calvert, Destin, FL
 I was so upset that I couldn't make the trip to Destin for their wedding...it was on a Thursday @ Rum Runner Beach House and unfortunately, I had to work :(

 Sheena & Clifton, just married!

Clifton, Derek, & Sheena's brother, Jason
Wedding #3: Suzanne & Caleb Yerton, Little Rock, AR

 Megan, Molly, & Me before the wedding

 got to see some of my Arkadelphia girl friends!
Britt, Kassi, & Me

 The only pic I got of the bride...there were so many people there for this celebration!
and THIS is the largest Chi-Omega wedding circle I've ever seen! Love ya, Suz!

Independence Day: Cash's boat, Beaver Lake

 I didn't manage to take many pics this weekend, except for of the water/sky...

 Zach Cash

 I loved the way these 3 clouds lined up before it stormed on the other side of the lake

 my camera's horrible attempt at capturing the fire works display...

Visiting Pa in the Hospital: Neosho, MO
After we left Beaver Lake on the 4th of July, we made a quick trip to Neosho to see my Pa in the hospital. He is out now and doing much better, and we are so thankful!

 The '65' balloons over his bed were from the celebration my mom and her best friends put together at the hospital for Pa & Grandmother's 65th wedding anniversary. So sweet!

 My grandparents under the door decorations in Pa's room

This was their little table in the room for their anniversary dinner

My graduation from graduate school: 
Apparently if you graduate in August/December, you don't get a graduation ceremony at UAMS...bummer! I'm glad I didn't have to get gussied up in a cap & gown in this heat anyway! My graduation consisted of my thesis defense, and unfortunately, I didn't capture any of that day in pictures...except for my flowers :)

Well that just about sums up what we've been up to for the past few months! I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer and soon, I hope to share with you all lots of recipes I've been busy trying at home!
Until next time.....

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