getting crafty, Etsy style!

I've been a terrible blogger lately....I really haven't been that busy, I guess I just haven't done much worth blogging about. Or it could be the fact that it's the end of the semester and I'm procrastinating and being more lazy than ever!

As part of procrastinating for my upcoming test, I decided to get crafty! My friend, Sarah, had this really cute wreath at her apartment the other day and I just loved it! She said her sister found them on www.Etsy.com and figured out how to make her own. They were so simple and you can customize them in so many different ways. You should really take a look! Epecially if you've never visited the Etsy website! Just type in "yarn wreath" on the web page and hit "search."

Here are the results of my attempts at making a wreath....

I had to do a close-up so you could see the bird :)

I decided to make two, one for each of my grandmothers that I'm spending Thanksgiving with this year!

If you want to make your own, here is all it takes:
1 styrofoam/hay wreath
1-2 bundles of yarn
2 squares of felt in the colors of choice to make flowers
Ribbon to hang the wreath
Hot glue & glue gun
Pearl push pins
You can also add picks like I did (the bird and the berries)

 1) Take the yarn and hot glue the end to the wreath. Then start wrapping the entire wreath until it is covered in yarn. (I would glue a small section on the back side and wrap it, and do the same for each section until I made it all the way around the wreath with the yarn. When you've reached the end, just hot glue the end of the yarn to the back side.
2) Cut your squares of felt into 1/2 inch strips. You can cut them in a straight line or do a curvy edge (to look like a rose). Then, roll the strips up and hot glue the end and you have your flowers!
3) Glue the flowers onto the wreath however you'd like, and place the pearl push pins in the center of each piece to make it look more like a flower. The pins will tack the flowers to the wreath as well!
4) Push the picks into the wreath where you desire, and tie a ribbon to hang it with!

Check out the Etsy website because they have so many more varieties! And I got all of my materials from Hobby Lobby & Michaels.....such a CHEAP hand-made gift!

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